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Complex capsules

We have selected for you 33 emblematic blends from our 78 referenced blends. Discover our selection and request a catalog to find out about our entire offer (catalogue reserved for professionals)
Curcuma Piperine
Joint Comfort
Food supplement Hair and Nails
Marine collagen - Hyaluronic acid - Floralpina Laboratory
Marine collagen food supplement - Floralpina laboratory
Circulatory food supplement
Food supplement Blood sugar
Confort Urinaire Homme
Menopause food supplement
m453 prosta tonic
Prosta Tonic
Digestion BIO
Slimming Plus food supplement
Body Slim food supplement
Food supplement Natural defenses
Antioxidant food supplement
XXL food supplement
Sleep Plus food supplement
Vision Plus
Algo Vitalité
Pollen Gelée Royale
Vitamin Complex
Magnesium food supplement

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Catalogue uniquement réservé aux professionnels

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