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Manufacturer of food supplements

Full Service - shaping of food supplements

Do you want to develop your products with aFrench manufacturer of food supplements who listens to you and supports you from A to Z?

Floralpina is the company that meets your expectations! Every day, our production part shapes and packages numerous products. This full service service only applies to food supplements, we do not manufacture cosmetics.

Before becoming a real partner, we study your project and its feasibility according to the quality charter put in place. If your proposal is feasible, we put our know-how for more than 30 years at the service of your project. 

faconnier complement alimentaire

The key steps for shaping

1 - Study of your project according to your criteria: ingredients, galenics, price and other constraints according to your quality charter
2 - Testing by our R&D department of your formulation and choice of packaging until validation
3 - Optional: Design and labeling personalized to your brand
4 - DGCCRF registration: filing of the new product on the market
5 - Mass production of your product in our laboratory
6 - Delivery of your goods as quickly as possible

1. Choice of formula and galenic for shaping

1,000+ raw materials

Choose from our more than 1000 different raw materials: dried plants, plant powders, active ingredients, plant extracts and much more.

6 different galenics

Depending on your project, choose the dosage that suits you best: vegetable capsule (HPMC, Vcaps+) or bovine, capsule, scored tablet, liquid, powder.

2. Choice of packaging

The Laboratoire Floralpina offers you a wide range of choices in waterproof packaging compatible with the food sector, particularly for theshaping of food supplements. We offer different types of pill boxes for your capsules, capsules and tablets, as well as our long-life doypack sachets for powders.

If you already have your own packaging, you can provide it to us and we will store it specifically for you at our premises

Pill boxes

pilulier bleu
pilulier ambre
pillulier blanc
pillulier blanc 2
pillulier kraft

Doypacks and sachets

doypack kraft
sachet alu
sachet kraft

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