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Who we are

Our ambitions

For several years, the two directors of Floralpina Laboratory and creators of ToniLife, wanted to combine their skills around a project with values ​​that they have always shared. For them, it seemed essential that entrepreneurial projects could reconcile Man and Nature in an effective and virtuous symbiosis.

Passionate about innovation, value creation and naturalness, they wanted to invest in French SMEs to develop production and service allowing simple access to quality natural products with a permanent search for effectiveness and always with listening and responsiveness for all of our customers.

We have chosen to focus on the world of plants aimed at the well-being of people and their environment: food supplements, cosmetics, complementary foods, home and garden products.

We want to bring together partners and collaborators motivated by the same values ​​on the many projects on which we work. There are lots of great adventures to experience together.


The Floralpina Laboratory is above all a company on a human scale. The team, made up of 16 people, guarantees a local service based on listening and availability for the manufacturing of 100% French-made products. Focused on our customers, we consider them, in the same way as our suppliers, as real partners participating in the life cycle of the different products.

• Human-sized team
• Listening and availability
• French manufacturing


Our ability to produce in small series allows us to ensure great responsiveness in project management and product delivery. We offer a tailor-made service with the possibility of personalizing our products to your brand and carrying out labeling according to your wishes but also of shaping specific products according to your specifications. An approach that allows you to remain in line with your strategy and highlight your know-how.

• Façonnage sur-mesure
• Flexibilité de production
• Délais réduits


Laboratoire Floralpina is committed to its clients’ projects with a global and modular service offering. We bring our expertise in research and development and are at your side regarding regulatory monitoring. On request, we carry out the production of your labels, the filing as well as the monitoring of administrative files with the General Directorate of Competition, Consumption and Fraud Repression.

• Regulatory advice
• Administrative support
• Research & Co-development

Floralpina Laboratory: a company on a human scale with a wide range of products made in France

This ensures the traceability of our products and security. Focused on our customers, we consider our suppliers and customers as real partners participating in the life cycle of the different products.

Our very attractive prices allow you to position yourself well on the market. Laboratoire Floralpina offers you quality products, made in France at very competitive prices.

We produce in small batches, which gives you many advantages. We offer you the possibility to personalize our products at your brand, and create your labeling according to your wishes. This allows you to be in line with your strategy, and to highlight your know-how. We can produce specific products while ensuring optimal quality.

Floralpina Laboratory establishes a relationship of trust with its customers

We are at your side regarding product regulations, but also regulatory monitoring. We carry out the production of your labels, the filing and monitoring of administrative files with the General Directorate for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Repression (DGCCRF).

complement alimentaire gelules

A team at your service

The Floralpina Laboratory has French expertise in phytotherapy for over 30 years. Behind this company, a team attentive to your needs and committed, covering the different areas of herbal medicine: regulation, quality, research & development, marketing and communication. Behind the Floralpina Laboratory, experienced nutraceutical and agri-food engineers work in collaboration with our chemistry experts and our naturopaths to offer the best of French herbal medicine to our customers. We pride ourselves on our commitment to research and innovation, as well as our commitment to quality and regulation. Come discover the wonderful world of medicinal plants with the Floralpina Laboratory.