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Magasin Bio, Pharmacie, Site de vente en ligne, Animalerie, notre gamme vous intéresse et vous souhaitez devenir distributeur de la marque Laboratoire Floralpina.

Nous serions heureux de vous compter parmi nos clients !

Pour cela rien de plus simple, consultez notre gamme sur cette page et faites votre choix.

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Our strong points

Flexible conditions

Open an account quickly and benefit from a minimum order of 10 units per reference

Great responsiveness

Our human scale and flexibility offer great responsiveness to each of our customers, which has earned us the satisfaction of hundreds of loyal customers for years.

Quality and Innovation

Our service quality follows the strict applicable requirements. We rigorously monitor the traceability of our raw materials. Our raw materials are analyzed by independent laboratories objectifying the percentages of active ingredients present in each of them. We constantly monitor developments in the nutraceutical market: regulatory monitoring, innovations and market trends.

Did you know ?

We image our main ingredients on our labels to promote the composition in marketing.

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