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Floralpina Laboratory has more than 300 plant-based references for the well-being of humans and pets, spread over the different major daily needs:

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Each food supplement is carefully formulated to optimally meet the daily needs of our body. The vast majority of our products are manufactured in our factory in Anjou and do not contain any excipients. 

We are one of the only laboratories to offer both capsules, tablets, capsules, liquids, cosmetics and herbal teas.

For each need, you have the choice between conventional formulas based on active ingredients, trace elements and plants, 100% plant-based formulas (vegan compatible) as well as formulas certified organic farming by Ecocert. 

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Where can I find Laboratoire Floralpina brand products?

Our products are listed in natural stores, pharmacies, in salons whose theme is natural but mainly in online stores. Find them via the link below :

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Does your favorite natural store or local pharmacy not yet carry our brand? Would you like to find our products near you? Please take contact with our team via this form, we will do our best to contact your local distributor :

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