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6 rue Joseph Cugnot - 49430 Durtal

Complexes Confort Homme Femme

Voici quelques produits dédiés au confort masculin et féminin issus de notre catalogue.

Confort urinaire homme
Confort urinaire homme
complement alimentaire menopause
Menopause food supplement
m453 prosta tonic
Prosta Tonic

Information for resellers

10 units / references

We ask our resellers for a minimum of 10 units per reference

Free delivery in France

For all orders of capsules we offer shipping costs from €500 excluding VAT

How to receive our catalog?

To receive our catalog with our Floralpina brand, please fill out the request form. Our sales team is committed to responding to you within 24 hours. Our catalog is intended only for professionals.