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Reinforced Joint Flexibility

Poudre pour renforcer les articulations des chiens et des chats

Made in France

This complex will act to relieve your pet's joint pain. The harpagophytum will act on the joints to reduce pain and will prevent recurrences.

Krill and fish oil are an interesting source of omega 3, particularly EPA and DHA. In cats and dogs, Omega 3 will limit the effects of osteoarthritis.

In the joints, sulfur contributes to the elasticity of the cartilage. Thanks to the sulfur it contains, MSM helps counterbalance the loss of mobility and flexibility which is often accompanied by joint pain.

Chondroitin and glucosamine help prevent further degradation of cartilage in cases of osteoarthritis.
Available in 100g

Using advice

Cat/puppy: 1/2 measuring spoon Dog -20kg: 1 measuring spoon
Dog +20 kg: 2 measuring spoons
Mix the powder with the animal's drinking water or food.
Cure of 1 month renewable as soon as necessary.

Precautions for use

Aliment complémentaire pour chiens et chats. Tenir hors de portée des jeunes enfants.
Ne pas dépasser la dose conseillée. A consommer dans le cadre d’une alimentation variée et équilibrée et d’un mode de vie sain. Votre vétérinaire peut être amené à modifier les conditions d’utilisation. Bien suivre les recommandations.

Information for resellers

10 units / references

We ask our resellers for a minimum of 10 units per reference

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